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Preparing an effective CV

In general

This important document can decide whether you will be invited to an interview or not. It should awaken the interest of the decision-maker or of the shortlist of biographers. It would be likened to a sales brochure. Therefore, it should be written to best sell you to potential employers.

How to do it

Contrary to the different opinions we hear about correct CV editing, the perfect model does not exist. One page is not sufficient, especially when it comes to managerial positions, and six pages are too many.

During the interview, the interviewer mostly focuses on what the candidate has done in the last three to five years. This section of your experience will be most relevant to the position you are applying for. This part of the CV should therefore be particularly well developed and detailed. Previous experience is also needed, but their description may be shorter.

The scope and responsibility of each position, as well as an explanation of the company's core business, should also be described. It is appropriate to mention your successes in the given positions.

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To do this, you can use the following CV structure template:


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